GLG410--Computers in Earth and Space Exploration

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Lecture 1

Welcome to our class!


Ramón Arrowsmith
PSF 640
Office hours: by appt.
Office #: 965-3541

Teaching Assistant:
David E. Haddad
INTDSA Room 121
Office hours: by appt.
Office #: 965-4053

Review of course materials

Announcements Syllabus Schedule Weekly lecture notes Assignments Links

History of the course

Early versions taught by Christensen, Peacock. Then no one for a while until the 1997 course!. Ramón taught it again in 1999 and then Ed Garnero took it over in 2000 and it was taught by Garnero, McNamara, or Semken. Ramón taught it in Fall 2007, and then with Matt Fouch in 2009. Fouch and Garnero taught it in 2010.

Introduction to Computing and Earth and Space Exploration

Ramón experience and motivation:

David experience and motivation:
I completed my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geological Sciences at ASU (both research projects were advised by Ramón), and now I'm working on my Ph.D. degree in active tectonics, quantitative structural geology, and tectonic geomorphology (also with Ramón). I use computers and information technology on a daily basis, from simple text editing (like scripting this web page in HTML), to performing basic computations in Excel, to running custom-written programs on high-performance computers. Both Ramón and I have extensive experience in field geology, and so we strive to integrate geologic data collected in the field (e.g., geologic maps, structural measurements) with computers. We use computers to process our data, visualize them, and use them to build useful models of geologic phenomena so that we can gain a better understanding of how geologic processes work. Experience in computers as a geology or Earth and space exploration major is a necessary tool to acquire, whether you decide to pursue a career in industry, government, or graduate school.

ASU and SESE Computing

ASU System Health
ASU University Technology Office:

Basic ideas of networking

What is the difference between what is on your computer and what is on a different computer and where is that computer?

--Wikipedia entry on Internet Protocol

TCP/IP; Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol: Internet Protocol Suite: Multilayered approach: Link, Internet, Transport, Application (low to high)

What is the ip address of our class server: go to
A little bit about the internet: let's do a demo on TRACEROUTE:

define gateway and define router.

Client versus server

--Wikipedia entry on Client - server model

Assignment 1: Getting some information

Introductory poll for the class.

Assignment 2: Setting up a web page at ASU

Before coming to class on Tuesday, you must set up your personal web space on the ASU servers: See this link

GLG410 Computers in Earth and Space Exploration

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