GLG410--Computers in Earth and Space Exploration

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Next generation data exploration and visualization tools: GeoMapApp is an example of a earth science data integration system that uses a range of new mapping and data management tools to enable exploration of our planet.

Here is the user's guide:

A critical component of GeoMapApp is its inclusion of the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (100 m resolution).

The GeoMapApp team has established a youtube channel with some nice tutorials:

Here is the multimedia tutorials in order:
Movies for demo:

Download and start GeoMapApp:

Introduction: GeoMapApp menus and toolbar:

Introduction: Default topography base map (skip--main point is that the initial data that is pulled is jpg imagery rather than the actual data):

Introduction: Customize the default base map:

Available Data: Basemaps menu:

Available Data: Datasets menu:

Last modified: December 1, 2011