GLG410/598--Computers in Earth and Space Exploration

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List of GLG410/598 Student Websites

Erika Beam
Alexis Bermudez
Jeff Bickel
Wendy Bohon
David Carol
Marci Jimson
Hope Johnston
Tracy Lund
James Moses
Joe Murray
Erin Orwig
Melisa Phan
Brad Vance
Robert Wagner

Open-source (Nearly Free) GIS Software

Class links

List of Database Links

Using CITRIX to access Matlab
Using CITRIX to access ArcGIS
How to get rid of the black backgrounds in the ASTER imagery in Arc: ASTER_Black_Backgrounds.html

Computing Vision

2020 vision for Science and Computing from Nature

Prior courses

2007 course
1997 course!

HTML resources -a HTML tutorial -a HTML Reference -a HTML Tutorial -a HTML Tutorial -T171 Tutorials

ArcGIS links

GIS Fest!

Tutorial to acquire Digital Elevation Data from USGS site and process them in ArcGIS
Small tutorial on ArcSCENE to merge elevation data and air photos for 3D visualization

Matlab resources

The Mathworks (producers of MATLAB)
Online Matlab documentation from the Mathworks--better than the command line help
Step-by-step in MATLAB for the basics by Hilley and Arrowsmith
Introduction to Matlab from Pollard and Fletcher
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB exercises
3D graphics in MATLAB from GLG410
Surfaces exercises in MATLAB from GLG410
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (I)
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (II)

GLG410/598 Computers in Earth and Space Exploration

Last modified: March 26, 2009