GLG410/598--Computers in Geology

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Lecture 1

Welcome to our class!


Ramón Arrowsmith
PSF 640
Office hours: by appt.
Office #: 965-3541

Teaching Assistant:
Olaf Zielke
PSF 477
Office hours: MW 1-2 pm in his office. Make an appointment to meet in the SESEICF.
Office #: 965-4053

Review of course materials

Announcements Syllabus Schedule Weekly lecture notes Links

History of the course

Early versions taught by Christensen, Peacock. Then no one for a while until the 1997 course!. I taught it again in 1999 and then Ed Garnero took it over in 2000 and it has been taught ever since by Garnero, McNamara, or Semken.

Introduction to SESE Computing and the ICF

Introduction to SESE Computing Wiki

Computing resources for SESE:
SESE_TSO_Intro.ppt (Powerpoint format) and SESE_TSO_Intro.pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Marvin Simkin
Manager of Information Technology
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Arizona State University
480-965-5572 voice
480-965-8102 fax

Assignment 1: Getting some information

Introductory poll for the class.

Assignment 2: Setting up a web page at ASU

See the updated assignment at the bottom of the page for Lecture 2

GLG410/598 Computers in Geology

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